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Passport is required when you receive and invitation to apply for permanent residence.
Study Permit, Open Work Permit, Tourist Visa. Add all applications you did. If you did more than one you can add multiple entries. (E.g. Closed Work Permit and Open Work Permit.)
Must be in CAD
Spouse, common-law partner or dependent children under 21 years old.
E.g. Bachelor in Nursing or Diploma in Computer Secretarial.
E.g. for June 2020 you must put 2020-06
E.g. for a bachelors degree program if you attended it for 4 years put 4 years
E.g. 30 hours/week
Put Unknown if unsure
Put all details like duration, position held, company name and company full address
TEER 0, 1 2, and 3 positions only,
If still working, put Ongoing
Must include street number, street name, suite number (if applicable), city, province and postal code
Data Collection and Consent Disclaimer: By providing your information, you consent to April's Immigration Services collecting and processing the data you provide for the purpose of your Canadian immigration application. We will handle your data in accordance with our privacy policy and ensure its security. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us an email stating the reason of your withdrawal. Your data will be retained for as long as necessary for the stated purpose. For any inquiries, contact